Vision and Strategy Day 29th September 2017

Vision and Strategy Day 29th September Wood Norton Hotel

Are you a woman running your own business or thinking about launching one? You will recognise that it can be lonely, with little face to face support. You probably dread the soulless networking events and feel a little guilty about taking time out of your busy day to invest in yourself and your vision. Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or not sure of the next steps?

Tara Zutshi a Leadership Coach and Natasha Minchella a Commercial Lawyer both specialise in working with women business owners. We felt we wanted to create a community that believes in investing itself. Creating days of development and learning – and fun - to support each other and take our businesses and ideas to the next level.

“We make a stand for the AND”- you can have a fulfilling home life AND an exciting and profitable business and this community of Soul Sisters can support you to achieve it.


A morning of self-care, simple yoga and creating or revisiting your vision. Followed by a delicious lunch, and an afternoon making step by step plans to achieve that vision helped by others in the group and having an accountability partner to support you to the next stage. By the end of the closing meditation you will be raring to go and put your plans into action! All in the fabulous surroundings of Wood Norton Hotel near Evesham.

Our Yoga teacher is the amazing Sarah Collier Smith who is also a Pysiotherapist who runs a practice in Broghton Hackett, so you can sure that you are in very safe hands. 


You will leave our day feeling

·      Refreshed in body

·      Inspired in mind and

·      Have a practical road map for the next 90 days

 Timings 10-4.0pm


Price £129

Early Bird offer book before 8th September for only £99



Transcending Stress


Unfortunately stress is an inevitable part of our fast-paced 24/7 lives. As individuals we all react differently and what is stressfull for one person, may not be for another.  Infact some stress can be helpful, have you ever felt that surge of adrenaline just before you do a presentation?  Actually that will probably help you focus on just that task and not worry about anything else. So that buzz we get can be great, it give us the edge when we need it.

So what is stress? It is a powerful combination of hormones and phsyiological changes in our body, and it is all part of our survival mechamism "Flight or Fight".  It was designed to enable us to escape from a sabre-toothed tiger when we needed to! Nowadays tigers are not generally the trigger for our stress, it could be a high pressure job, financial problems, relationships, loneliness and even traffic jams! 

Everyday small stresses are not harmful, our bodies can tolerate a certain amount of stress with no ill effects. It is long-term stress, often arising when the situation that casues the conflict isn't relieved, this can result in the mind and body breaking down.

Some people do not find working long hours stressful and I would suggest that this is because they love what they do and feel that they are fulfulling their purpose . We all have our own limit of what we find managable in our working lives and finding that balance is often seen as the holy grail. 

If you are not doing your dream job and are feeling very stressed, what can you do? 

One of the things we seem to have forgotten how to do is to truly relax, and if we are very stressed this is even harder. We are also often worrying so much about the past or fearful of the future that we miss what is going on around us in the present moment. When was the last time that you went for walk in a park, just for the joy of noticing what was going around you, feeling the breeze on your skin, smelling the flowers or the cut grass, or watching a beautiful butterfly dance on the air currents. If its been a while since you last did this, I challenge you to do it and see how it makes you feel? Leave your phone and music behind and just enjoy nature. 

Some other techniques that have been proven to reduce stress levels and reverse some of the symptoms caused by stress are as follow. 

  • Yoga
  • Mindful breathing
  • Meditation
  • Deep relaxation

We now run individual private or individual sessions or group workshops in your workplace.  We help you learn how to use these techniques to manage stress in the moment, and also to design a bespoke programme for you to manage your stress over the long-term. Stress is unavoidable, but you can learn simple techniques to help you manage it, so it is not harmful to your health. 

Tara has trained for the last two years to become a Transcending Stress Facillitator, for more information on workshops and individual seesions call Tara on 07816 908 662 or email her at

For more information on Stress and how to combat it follow the link to our sister website


Speak Down and Speak up


I have just read an article in the Harvard Business Review “Women Find Your Voice”.  It definitely rang a chord with me from the conversations I have with women in large organisations.  The authors conducted a major survey of 360 degree feedback on over a 1,000 women and talked to many senior women and men about their experiences of being in meetings and being heard.  


It highlighted some key areas where men and women behave differently before, during and after a meeting and had some ideas on how we as women, can make a difference to our impact in what are often crucial business environments.

Some of the feedback that they received from the men they interviewed was as follows, women allow themselves to be interrupted, apologise repeatedly and fail to back up their opinions with evidence.  They also said that some women became defensive when challenged and froze when they lost the attention of the room. One CEO said that “Women are often quite tentative or they pipe up at the wrong moment, and it sounds like more noise”

So, If what men see is a lack of confidence, how do these women feel ?

The response from the women interviewed was that they feel uncomfortable when challenged and tend to avoid conflict. They also recognised the "gamesmanship" that looks a bit like a football match; an idea gets passsed around like a ball and built upon before it is shot into the goal,with the orginator of the idea not being acknowledged. An all female meeting typically would look very different, with acknowledgement and inclusion at the forefront. "Thanks Sarah, I really like you idea and here is what I would add..."

Women ask questions to bring people into a conversation,whereas men will contribute when they have something to say. In a mostly male meeting, a women is less likely to contribute than she would be in a more diverse group. 

The arcticle goes on to advise women on how to use more muscular language,such as my strong advice would be instead of I think or here is my plan rather than maybe we can, and I recommend instead of well what about. 

Women who are passionate about their work and the topics being discussed are accussed of being "too emotional" and told to keep an even tone, speak deliberately, and avoid showing frustration.

Women tend to be punctual for meetings and get away as soon as the agenda is completed. However, it is in the pre-meeting conversations, where allies are created and thoughts and views are shared. The real purpose of the meeting beyond the agenda items can be discerned during this time and questions that may be be asked will already have been discussed. Although it may feel political, this pre-meeting homework allows participants to prepare to be spontaneous. Off the cuff remarks that you hear have already been rehearsed, if it sounds good it's probably been prepared! 

We would be really interested to hear your feedback on this piece, does it reflect the advice you are given at work? 

We are often asked to coach senior women on being "better heard" in meetings. Unfortunately however hard these women work at it, the facts still remain, they are often a lone token voice that will not be heard because such is the nature of group dynamics- the dominance of men means that women's voices continue to be excluded. 

No one's fault, just the nature of the beast.