Transcending Stress


Unfortunately, stress is an inevitable part of our fast-paced 24/7 lives. As individuals we all react differently and what is stressful for one person, may not be for another.  In fact some stress can be helpful, have you ever felt that surge of adrenaline just before you do a presentation?  Actually, that will probably help you focus on just that task and not worry about anything else. So that buzz we get can be great, it give us the edge when we need it.

So what is stress? It is a powerful combination of hormones and physiological changes in our body, and it is all part of our survival mechamism "Flight or Fight".  It was designed to enable us to escape from a sabre-toothed tiger when we needed to! Nowadays tigers are not generally the trigger for our stress, it could be a high pressure job, financial problems, relationships, loneliness and even traffic jams! 

Everyday small stresses are not harmful, our bodies can tolerate a certain amount of stress with no ill effects. It is long-term stress, often arising when the situation that casues the conflict isn't relieved, this can result in the mind and body breaking down.

Some people do not find working long hours stressful and I would suggest that this is because they love what they do and feel that they are fulfulling their purpose . We all have our own limit of what we find manageable in our working lives and finding that balance is often seen as the holy grail. 

If you are not doing your dream job and are feeling very stressed, what can you do? 

One of the things we seem to have forgotten how to do is to truly relax, and if we are very stressed this is even harder. We are also often worrying so much about the past or fearful of the future, that we miss what is going on around us in the present moment. When was the last time that you went for walk in a park, just for the joy of noticing what was going around you, feeling the breeze on your skin, smelling the flowers or the cut grass, or watching a beautiful butterfly dance on the air currents. If its been a while since you last did this, I challenge you to do it and see how it makes you feel? Leave your phone and music behind and just enjoy nature. 

Some other techniques that have been proven to reduce stress levels and reverse some of the symptoms caused by stress are as follows. 

  • Yoga
  • Mindful breathing
  • Meditation
  • Deep relaxation

We now run individual private or individual sessions or group workshops in your workplace.  We help you learn how to use these techniques to manage stress in the moment, and also to design a bespoke programme for you to manage your stress over the long-term. Stress is unavoidable, but you can learn simple techniques to help you manage it, so it is not harmful to your health. 

Tara has trained for the last two years to become a Transcending Stress Facillitator, for more information on workshops and individual seesions call Tara on 07816 908 662 or email her at

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