Team Motivation

Why understanding what motivates you can lead to higher engagement levels.

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Keeping our employees, motivated and engaged seems to be a hot topic, and whilst there is no silver bullet to retain your talent and help them feel valued. I do believe that the Motivational Map is a great way to understand our employees and indeed ourselves at a deeper level. 

Imagine a future where ..... 

  • you knew you had the knowledge to always make good career decisions
  • you knew what motivated everyone of your team members 
  • you knew how motivated they were and how to positively influence them 
  • you could identify the sources of conflict within your team and then resolve them 

Dr Raj Persaud wrote "Although motivation matters it's hard to measure scientifically. This explains why it has been neglected by behavioural scientists, when it might actually be the most important of all in human behaviour." But before we try to measure it, how do we define it, Motivation is like energy, it's the drive and flow of energy within us to make things happen. 

Where does the Motivational Map come from? 

James Sale has spent 10 years researching and developing the Motivational Map.  He has created a model that is simple to understand, it allows the individual or team to work on strategies to improve their motivation level from where they are now. 

The Motivational Map is a non-stereotyping tool, derived from looking at the core concepts within three models- Maslow's Hierarachy of Needs, Edgar Shein's Career Anchors and the Enneagram. 

What are the nine Motivators?

  • Searcher: Seeks meaning, making a difference, providing worthwhile things
  • Spirit: Seeks freedom, independence, making own decisions
  • Creator: Seeks innovation, identification with new, expressing creative potential
  • Director: Seeks power, influence, control of people and resources
  • Builder: Seeks money, material satisfactions, above average living standards 
  • Expert: Seeks expertise, mastery, specialisation 
  • Defender: Seeks security, predictability, stability
  • Friend: Seeks belonging, friendship, fulfulling relationships
  • Star: Seeks recognition, respect, social esteem

Which of these resonates with you?  They are probably some of your top motivational drivers. 

What does the Map measure? 

The Map is created by an online tool that takes about 15 minutes to complete, you will then receive a report that ranks your nine motivators in terms of importance to you. It is good to understand which are the top 3 and which is your lowest. The report measures how motivated you are for each driver, and then calculates from this information your overall motivation level as a percentage. Over 80% you are like a solar battery, i.e. very self motivated, anything below 80% there are strategies in the report to help you improve your score and thus your motivation level. 

How will Motivational Map's help you or your business? 

Most change programmes try to manipulate behaviour and this is very difficult to do, but by going deeper to understand what is driving the behaviour we can improve the following:  

  • Team performance
  • Career Development
  • Leadership and management development
  • Sales and Customer service
  • Recruitment and reward
  • Engagement and culture

How do I use The Motivation Map? 

I have been qualified for a year now and have used the maps in several different ways. 

  • To help teams be more aligned and understand the different motivational drivers of team members
  • In several executive coaching engagements where the individuals were looking at their career choices
  • I am about to run maps and a deliver a debrief session the for Professional Cricketers Association, for all the players who are transitoning from being a player to a second career

If you would like to know about the Motivational Map and how it might be able to help you or your team, then I am offering a free 30 mins telephone consultation, email me at or call Tara on 07816 908 662 to make an appointment. 

Maps can be purchased from the shop.