Here is what people say about our services.




"Tara has provided coaching for me on several occasions over the past 8 years. Although the setting and focus for Tara's coaching sessions are inevitably always changing, Tara's consummat professionalism never does. She is that very rare thing; a person who knows an awful lot but doesn't feel the need to brag about it...whenever you work with Tara you always know that her attention and focus is on you and her innate warmth and self respect make her someone I will always consider a positive role model." Project Manager

"Tara has been a joy to have as a coach, providing great wisdom alongside thoughtful questioning to help me gain new insight and perspective.  She is full of amazing tips, techniques and approaches which can help you navigate change and solve problems.  For example the motivation map was a great tool for enabling me understand what drives me in my work, and helped me make better choices about my future direction and career. Tara is a graceful, skilled and committed coach, and her support is well worth investing in." Strategy Director

"I have worked with Tara over the last 12 months and I have found her approach extremely beneficial. Tara is an excellent coach who has really good style and approach." Project Director





Tara Zutshi facilitated an excellent two day session with my new team at Save the Children UK. Tara's preparatory work with me in defining what I wanted to get out of the sessions and how we'd go about getting there was exemplary. Her facilitation of the two days was outstanding from the confidential feedback from the team and my own observations. The sessions covered off the features of high performing teams, managing creative conflict, giving motivational and developmental feedback as well as a longer session on strategy development. She created an ambience of open and trusting dialogue as well as a sense of fun. Head of Education.




One Day Intensive 

“A momentous day.  I am already someone who thinks deeply about myself and carefully considers my motivations for action. I’ve had coaching before and this was something radically different. The immense effect of spending a whole day with myself, facilitated, guided and steered by a very capable, wise hand, almost invisibly, is indescribable.  The clarity, focus, and decisive outcomes are also very new to me. This is going to have impact, I feel I’ve taken a big step into a new phase of my life and work and I am very excited” Teacher

“Tara is a very skilled coach, able to listen intently and create an environment of trust, safety and warmth to explore what is really going on under the surface.  I really benefited from working with Tara on a vision that has real meaning for me. My energy and purpose to deliver it has been unstoppable since!”  Marketing Director starting their own company.  

“What a fantastic day, I have an empowering vision and I am already doing things differently! And thinking very differently!” HR Director